The Before…or the After Before the After

Doesn’t this make you want to run out and start your own garden? The twisty branches, dead grass, and leaves that are mulching themselves make me wonder if there is any possibility that this compost looking heap can actually turn into a real garden again. I especially laughed at the tiny rain gauge sitting in the front. It’s just a little piece of gangrene colored eye candy to brighten up the brown. As our mini cupcake is on the constant quest to find the perfect stick this is the immediate place he runs to outside. So…it does serve some purpose right?

I only wish that I had remembered to take a picture of the herb pot sitting by our backdoor. Somehow the parsley survived the winter, but the basil turned into a barrage of sharp sticks…I don’t think it’s coming back this year. HA! The point is…I can’t be trusted with a garden. However, my husband is on a quest to “make it work” (so said Tim Gunn), and so this weekend we are planning to overhaul both areas and plant our little cabbages and basil. Then hope for the best!

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