The Ball Popper Algorithm

If you remember not so long ago A’s favorite toy was a ball popper that we got him when he was around seven months old.It was a much loved and used toy throughout A’s toddlerhood, as seen here:

He was about two years old at the time.

However over the years, the motor has slowed and it just really doesn’t work the way it used to. We decided to get J a little treat for his 8 month birthday and purchased him a new ball popper. Both he and A have been enjoying it thoroughly and of course his big brother has created an elaborate game to play with it.

So here is A’s ball popper algorithm:

1. Everyone gets two balls that is playing.

2. The ball popper must be turned off.

3. Everyone places their respective balls into the ball popper.

4. Then it is turned on, in which the balls fly out and you have to quickly collect them and then re-distribute two to each person and then the game starts again.

5. If you are holding the ball only to chew on it, then you may only have one, and you skip your turn to place it in the ball popper.

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