The Aquarium

On Friday we took a trip to the Tennessee Aquarium. I had been pumping Super A up about it all week, so I hoped that he would be excited once we got there. He loved going, and he especially loved that there were buttons everywhere. I don’t know if they specifically designed the aquarium with that thought in mind, but we had to convince him to move on from one room to the next by promising there would be buttons in the next area.

He did manage to look at some of the animals, but the ones behind the glass I think confused him a bit as to whether or not they were real. His favorite room was the butterfly area and the snakes (he’s very diverse). He loved finding and watching all the different butterflies flutter around and he was content to stand and look at a snake living in a log for quite awhile. Of course I know the grandparents are waiting for pictures!

Here is Super A trying out all the different buttons he found and “reading” the little plaques:

The Butterfly Plaque

The Penguin Plaque and Buttons

The Seahorse Plaque

The Alligator Plaque and Button

The Fish Computer and Buttons

And now onto the Mommy and Daddy with Super A pictures…

The Shark Cage…I was so impressed Super A actually went in this willingly!

Taking a rest. We did not bring in a stroller, and Super A actually walked almost the whole time. However, he would climb up on every bench we went by and said he needed a rest, HA!

We had to pick Super A up to see some of the animals, such as the snakes here.

This is what happens when you promise Super A pizza and don’t deliver quickly…hopefully the waiter got the message that he was taking WAAAY too long coming to our table.

And now a few pictures of Super A’s favorite animals, insects, and reptiles…

The butterfly

The Shark…”oooh scary shark!” Super A exclaimed.

Examining the snake in the log.

Looking up at the fish.

And just for my own memory…We let Super A pick out one small toy at the gift shop. After hemming and hawing for quite awhile he finally chose….a pair of small plastic binoculars. Or monoculars as he calls them. It was a great time and we can’t wait to take him again!

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  1. Great pictures! I love them all. Have to say the pizza one is special, tho! The excitement he conveyed when he told us about the trip was priceless, too.

  2. What a fun trip! At first glance you can’t tell that there’s glass in the Super A & snake picture, so he looks dangerously close to it. 🙂 So much personality in the pizza pic.

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