The allusive wild wolf

One night while we were driving to J’s basketball practice we had the following conversation:

J: Do you think a wild wolf would come to our house sometime?

me: I don’t think so, why?

J: Because there’s one that lives in our neighborhood, and I want a wild wolf to come to our house so I can pet it.

me: ok, how do you know it lives in our neighborhood?

J: I saw it.

me: when? I didn’t see one.

J: You wouldn’t see him, he’s too sneaky for you to see. My friend at school has a wild wolf.

me: Really? Who?

J: You don’t know him, he’s always on vacation.

me: Then how do you know him if he’s always on vacation?

J: Because he goes to my school.

Henceforward, J is now obsessed with wild wolves (which yes, I know all wolves are wild, but this is his term). He’s obsessed with reading about wolves, seeing one outside, and for his birthday I have a little plan of a wild wolf (of the not real kind) appearing.

Here are some of his favorite wolf items!

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