Tales from tax free weekend shopping…

My sister and I headed out on Saturday to brave the “crowds” of tax free weekend. It really wasn’t as bad as we thought it would be! I think a lot of people had gone out on “Furlough Friday” (as many people have designated Friday in our city) because the school supply section was crazy that day (I had run up there to get groceries). Anyway, enough about my random outings.

So here is the add up of the tops and coats I purchased:

IMG_2802-001And here is everything laid out:

IMG_2801I tend to buy more for A now because I know that a lot of it is going to be passed down to J, so I don’t want it to be completely worn out. By far the buy I was most excited about was the new coat (from Costco! For 16 dollars! London Fog!). And A was most excited about the Ninja Turtles shirt, of course. The clothes shown are from Carters, H&M, Gap, and Crazy 8.

And here is the add up of pants and shorts I purchased:

IMG_2803-001I didn’t buy a lot of new shorts, because all of the tees A will wear into the fall with pants and a jacket or sweatshirt (or a long sleeve shirt underneath). He has quite a few pairs of shorts that still fit. The pants are from Gap. The athletic pants and shorts are from Target and Carters.

And here is what I purchased for J:

IMG_2804Just a couple of new shirts, a new sweatshirt, little exercise shorts for Little Gym, and a new hat. I was most excited about the sweatshirt (Target), J was most excited about the hat, of course!

And here were my non-clothes purchases:

IMG_2808A new lunchbox and snack container for A (his picks!), and a new notebook and note cards for me for work.

I saved quite a bit because I had coupons and I opened a Gap card that got me 45% off my entire purchase (I had a coupon that went with the discount when you open a card). That was probably my best deal of the day.

The one item I almost didn’t get was A’s lunchbox. A had specifically asked for it and when I went back to Target to get it, they were out. Luckily, they had more in the back and found me one.

I think A is now prepped (clothes-wise) for back to school! I am going to take the boys out for new shoes, but other than that I am done clothes shopping until much later in the fall when the boys will start needing more long sleeve shirts.

Oh and here is what the boys did while I was gone:

IMG_2798Their new favorite game. J brings A items, and A sets them up at the restaurant. It’s quite elaborate!

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