The Car Sharing Contingency Theory

Sibling sharing. We knew we were going to enter this uncharted territory eventually and now seven short months later here we are. A has had a significant amount of practice with sharing with preschool, play dates, and his cousins. However, he was always able to come home (or people left) and then the toy was his own to hoard for a while.

We have been prepping him for it a bit. One of the things with first born children that we did for awhile was to constantly hand them back the toy. If you are playing with them and they want that lego, what do you do? Just hand it back to them…you’re the adult and you don’t really care. Upon realizing this we started doing a bit of role playing with A. We would take a toy, have him exchange toys with us, and not automatically give him back the toy he wanted. As you will find with most children whatever toy someone else has is always the toy they want. The general rule of three (3 year old) is:

1. If they have it, I need it.

2. If they want it, I want it too.

3. If they want my toy and I must share, I will provide them with something I know is not equal, but I will try to pretend like it is.

It’s a constant struggle isn’t it? Being almost four, A has gotten better at sharing, but it has taken a lot of work. And now J Baby is mobile. And not just a little mobile, completely mobile. So we have regulated some items to A’s room only now. However, there are some items that the boys can share, which include the duplo blocks and A’s younger car sets that he still is holding on to. In the afternoons I will dump out one of those choices and let the boys play together, while I supervise.

A does a pretty good job of sharing. He does get upset when J doesn’t understand how to play correctly, which is when the car sharing contingency theory comes into play (Big Bang Theory anyone??). For example, play of this nature is fine:

But then occasionally J gets bored and tries to put his car on the car track…

Which leads A to panic:

As the track starts to tip.

A quick intervention from me to set it upright, move J back, and distract him with car and everything is quite again…

For now.

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Thoughts on a Wednesday Morning

Happy Wednesday! Are you excited for new fall shows? I am watching Grey’s Anatomy, Big Bang Theory, Parks and Recreation, finishing up the Project Runway season, and Modern Family. I am also watching Dancing with the Stars to vote for Kelly Monaco, my favorite actress from General Hospital. I watched General Hospital pretty much throughout graduate school and I still occasionally tune in (or I just read the spoilers on-line, HA!).

Here’s the book I’m reading:

I am enjoying it, especially the recipes. Their method is a bit extreme, and the author discusses quite a bit about the cost of gas for the food to be sent to our local stores. I counter that statement with the cost of gas for me to drive to a decent farmer’s market. I have to say I really admire the fact that they eat such a hefty amount of vegetables…if I could get my family to eat perhaps a quarter of that amount I’d be happy. It has also inspired me to start our garden up again next spring…we’ll see if I can actually make it happen!

Oh and my roast turned out tasty:

Can you take a tasty picture of a roast? I feel like it looks like a chicken here. A very tan chicken.

I also made potatoes to go along side it and gave J a taste (without the added milk of course), and his face was priceless. He basically rolled it back out of his mouth and looked at me as though I had given him a helping of mud. So no potatoes for now.

I am currently watching for this shirt to go on sale:

Now don’t you go buy them before they do! HA!

And depending on when J baby wakes up from his nap we may try to make a trip to Hobby Lobby…I need black felt for bat wings (A is going to be a bat this year for Halloween), and I am hoping to find some spooky cats because A has asked for some. I love these little cut-outs from Etsy as well:

Oh and a flashback photo…let’s compare cheese grins shall we?

A “2010”

J “2012”

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A Quiet Lunch…Sort Of.

On Friday I made a lovely little Tex-Mex dish from The  Pioneer Woman. I would have been perfectly happy with the unedited version, however, my husband asked for some chicken on it. So I cooked two (large…Costco brand…would be equivalent to four small chicken breasts from the store) chicken breasts in our slow cooker for about six hours with a can of black beans and a large jar of salsa. It turned out delicious! Plus there were plenty of leftovers. I had the leftovers today for my first “quiet” lunch in quite a while. Yum.

And accompanying my lunch…

Instyle Magazine. The Paper. I even got to keep my own napkin the whole time.

Oh and this guy…

Who was happy to be quiet as long as I played the music on his bouncer seat, and let him view the baby rattle app on my Ipod. No problem. I did at one point start to think I was in the twilight zone…mainly because J Baby has a pacifier in his mouth. Highly unusual for sure.

Why, you may ask, did I have a quiet lunch?

Because this big boy went back to school today.

I told him “I can’t believe how big you are getting!”

He said “that’s because I’m almost four…and next year I will be ALMOST 5!”

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Love A.

He sings “I love Mommy” and states “I think you need a cuddle” when it’s been a long day.

He gives up any of his “baby” toys without hesitation to his little brother. And gives him little hugs. And lets him sit in his favorite rocking chair, so they can play together in his room.

Only a few of the reasons why I love this boy so much!

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Best Book Ever.

For a boy who spends a good part of his day playing “fix the power”, I really don’t think we could have stumbled upon a better book at the library:

It’s probably a coincidence, but I kind of think the author may have intended to write this book for A.

And a few more books on our reading list this summer:

Some of these are our own, and some are ones A repeatedly chooses from the library. We are reading several books about manners. Which usually leads me to ponder if it is possible to teach a 3 year old the meaning of manners. It also leads me to realize that many of my discipline techniques come from The Bernstein Bears books. And The Cosby Show. 🙂

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Good Mornings

When it gets toward the end of July here, although it is still hot during the day, there begins to be a bit of a reprieve in the early morning and late afternoon. This reprieve comes in the form of shade, and 80 degree temps instead of 90 +. So A and I spend some time during J’s morning nap outside in the shade, and when J decided not to nap, he joins us outside as well!

Collecting bubbles in a bin…

To wash his tricycle.

Gotta love baby aviators.

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Playing in the Rain

After serious dry spells we have enjoyed about four days of just rain. It’s unusual in the south to have a string of rain without storms to accompany them. I started to feel a bit like we were living in Seattle. Which made me want to watch Grey’s Anatomy…and Twilight. And so I did. ANYWAY. Having a boy who likes to venture outdoors regularly means that being cooped up in the house for four days is a recipe for disaster and lots of time outs…and him swinging his play guitar at the couch yelling “I’M A ROCK STAR, BABY!” Doh. He is now not allowed to stay in hotels when he is a rock star without his Mama tagging along. I don’t care if he’s a rock star he isn’t ruining the Waldorf Astoria’s hotel rooms. Cause that is where I would imagine he would stay in New York when he’s a famous and giving a live concert on the Today Show. HA! Now I’m just rambling.

To get to my point we let A have some outside play time this week in the rain just so he could run off a bit of energy by splashing in puddles and dancing in the rain.

Loving walking in the rain!

Fascinated by the rain.

Playing with the rubber snakes meant to scare the birds away…which we may have scared right to my sister’s house. Doh. And me trying out a bit of photo shop framing.

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All Grown Up

Today I captured a few pictures of A jumping on his bed while J was napping. When I went back to look at the pictures later, I couldn’t believe how big he looks now…and how at different angles he looks like me, and then like my husband.

Jumping with his measuring tape and his binoculars.

See in this picture…with those eyes, and that nose…well except for the color those features are me.

But in this picture…

That to me was a vision of my husband.

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