Spring Reading Wrap-Up

Spring Reading ListMy Spring Reading plan was fairly successful. I read 7 of the 8 books on my list, though not for a lack of trying to read all 8. I’m still on the hold list for Girl on the Train at our local library, so when it comes in, I’ll be finishing up! I wasn’t sure if it was a book I’d read again, so I couldn’t bring myself to buy it.

A few thoughts on my spring reading list…

1. Sasha Martin’s a Life from Scratch was my download to iPad book. I loved the story behind this book (and the blog), and I read the whole thing in three days. I have hopes for making many of the internationally inspired meals to make for my family.

2. The Monogram Murders was everything you hope from an Agatha Christie influenced book. It was a little hard handed at times in it’s characterization of Hercule Poirot, but it captured the essence of the “twist” that are in many of Christie’s books.

4. All the Light we Cannot See is a book that appears daunting at first (500 plus pages!), but was one of my very favorites that I read this spring. The picture that it portrays of two children’s experiences (on both sides) of WWII in Germany is as frightening as it is poignant.

5. Yes, Please was humorous and fun, however, I kind of wished I had waited until I could have checked it out at the library. While I enjoyed reading it, it’s not one that I think I will read again. I’m planning to send it on to our family circle of reading.

6. Turn Right at Machu Picchu was my favorite of my spring reading. It’s very well written and thoughtfully weaves the author’s journey with the history of Machu Picchu and the Inca Trail.

7. Wild was good, but I have to admit there were times where I began to skim through the back story. I really enjoyed the stories from when she was on the trail, however, a lot of the back story is redundant at times, and I kept waiting for the author to stop making the same mistakes.

8. Jurassic Park, the book B convinced me I needed to read, was really fun. It also makes you realize how different the movie is from the book. Take away the “kind old man who just wants to make a Flinestone-esque theme park” and you’ve got a much darker and twisted tale.

And that’s it! I’ll be featuring my summer reads soon! I’ve got a short turn around this time, so I better start reading!

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