Sephora Fall Sale

Well, it’s officially Fall weather because everyone in our house is under the weather. Ugh! We are hoping for a quick turn around, and in the meantime we’ll be watching lots of movies, football, playing Fortnite, and picking up Mac and Cheese from Chik-Fil-A. I’ve been loading up my Sephora cart for the upcoming sale (already started for Rouge members, starts a Thursday for VIB and Beauty Insiders). Here’s a break down of some of my “Holy Grail” products:

All of these are ones I’m either out of completely, or there is less than half of the product left. These are also products I use almost every single day. So let’s get started!

1. I wouldn’t call this a moisturizer, it’s a lip treatment. I put it on immediately after I wash my face at night and then apply Kiehl’s lip balm right before bed. I’ve found this combination helps to prevent my lips being so intensely chapped all winter.

2. I didn’t think I’d ever find a moisturizer again after Sephora stopped carrying their original formula of my favorite. This one is going to seem really intense, but my skin is pretty dry, so it works. And no oiliness or breakouts, or fragrance.

3. B and I both use this styling creme, and our hair stylist said it’s getting discontinued….hence why I have five in my shopping cart right now.

4. This lip pencil is the perfect pink and it wears so well…I’m super conscious of my lip stick wearing off weirdly when I’m talking while teaching, and this one has never let me down.

5. Living Proof Full Volume Blast. If you don’t follow the directions on this, your hair will be sticky and unmanageable. However, if you follow the directions, your volume will last for days (if you use the Bobby pin bun technique I use to put my hair up at night….I feel like I need to do a tutorial because I keep telling people about it, ha!).

6. I’ve tried other hair sprays, I always go back to this one. Always.

7. Verb conditioner, still my favorite. I trade off using it and Bumble and Bumble Creme de Coco conditioner.

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Sephora summer save sale

Whether I wear no make-up:


Or have fully done my make-up:

I always keep an ongoing list for must purchases when Sephora has a sale. Right now their summersave code gets you 15% off if you are VIB and 20% off if you are Rouge. This time around the big four I was out of was foundation, my Naked 2 eye shadow basics palette (finally back in stock), hydration serum, and styling cream:

As you can see, I’ve used these significantly (I threw the hydration serum away because it was completely gone). NARS is by far my favorite foundation of the year. I like that I can change the coverage if I use a beauty blender or a foundation brush. I love the neutrals of the NAKED 2 palette, I’ve probably had it longer than you should. B and I have used the styling creme for years. I like that it has hold and creates volume without being sticky or stiff. And finally, the hydration serum. This isn’t a moisturizer on its own, but helps to lock in your moisturizer better. I use it with the retinol cream I picked up at the last Sephora sale.

I picked up all four plus I’m testing out Supergoop’s Unseen Sunscreen. I’m hoping this will be a bit more mattifying than the current sunscreen I’m wearing to work under my make-up. It’s so hot right now here, that you only step outside and feel like your make-up is melting off. In addition, I grabbed two samples, one is a sleeping cream that has a really high rating on Sephora and the other is a sample refill of my Lancôme eyelash primer. I combine the primer with Covergirl exhibitionist mascara and my mascara doesn’t budge.

I’m all stocked up! Until the next sale!

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Friday Favorites

We are counting down the days to summer over here! This weekend, A has a Jesse Owens project he’s working on, J has multiple baseball games (that might get rained out), and I’ve got a short break before my Maymester class starts, and then after a quick three weeks it will really be summer! We are ready for a beach vacation, sleeping in, and lazy days! I’ve also got a few plans up my sleeve for avoiding the summer slump with the boys and I’m excited to share those soon! Meanwhile, here are some of my favorites from the week!

On being decisive. Which I am. But it’s good to have some reminders.

The skirt steak fajitas we had for Wednesday night dinner.

Skincare in your forties, because yes, I’m headed in that direction.

Salad that has me dreaming about summer dinners.

The striped pants and striped bikini top I have on my list from the Target Vineyard Vines.

You’re fooling yourself about the importance of sleep (unless you think it’s important….then you’re not).

Business connected Ted Talks that I’m making my way through for examples for one of my fall courses.

And finally, here are my actual Sephora purchases with my VIB discount:


I mainly went with basics for this round and decided to test out a new setting powder instead of the Laura Mercier powder I have been using. Especially since it’s summer, I tend to focus on skin repair after wearing make-up almost every day during the fall and spring semesters (and yes, as a college teacher, I live in the world of semesters). The Sephora sale continues for a few more days, so happy shopping!

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Sephora Sale

I’ve been a bit behind on posting this week, so in an effort to catch-up, I’m posting on a Saturday! I’m super excited about the Sephora sale (starting 4/26 for Rogue, and 5/2 for VIB & Insiders) and have my list created and ready to go! I’m sharing my list of re-stocks and new items. I also listed out a lot of my Sephora favorites. While I may not be buying them at this sale, they are ones I purchase over and over from Sephora. Happy beauty shopping!

1. My favorite brow pencil, this is one I use until it has completely run out.

2. St. Tropez tanning lotion. It’s supposed to be a gradual tan, and this is one I’m looking forward to trying out!

3. Vitamin C serum…I normally use the no.7 version from Target, but I read that this was less oily, which I need in the summer.

4. Literally the only hair spray I use.

5. St. Tropez mitt…because I don’t want to turn my hands orange.

6. Ultra repair cream…so Sephora stopped making my favorite moisturizer, so I have my fingers crossed that this will be a good substitute.

7. Watermelon glow mask. Pretty much the only mask I use. It’s my favorite…and I’m almost out of it.

8. Vanilla-coconut rollerball perfume, my summer go to when I’m not working.

9. YSL lipstick to test out (this is one of the samples I have on my list to get with points)

10. My shampoo and conditioner….again the only ones I use.

11. From my extensive listening to Forever 35 podcast, I’ve made the decision to try a retin serum….I’m planning to begin using it really slowly, per the instructions.

12. A slip pillow case has been on my wishlist for awhile.

13, 17, 21. Sugar lip balm in berry, rose, and honey are my favorites for days I don’t work.

14, 18, 22. NARS lip pencil in Bettina, Sex Machine (yup that’s the name) & Cruella are my favorites for work days or going out.

15. Kiehls that I put on every night before bed.

16. An eyeshadow compact of smoky purples and neutrals.

19. Another mini version of my powder for at home (I keep the other in my makeup travel bag).

20. My favorite undereye concealer (in vanilla).

23. An eye brightener to go under concealer.

24. And my favorite dry shampoo/volumizing spray.

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