Pantry refresh

Several years ago, I overhauled and straightened up our pantry. However, as of late, it was in quite a bit of disarray:

I purchased just three new baskets and a clear can holder from Target, tossed all of the expired food, and did some serious re-arranging:

I also did some re-stocking of pantry items for back to school. Extra snacks, canned veggies, beans, pastas, and rice make it easier to figure out quick weekly meals and prep lunches. I also labeled the bottom drawers (which you can’t see in the picture), so the boys can quickly find items they use often and put things away.

And afterward is was back to work on our sails:

For the Cub Scout raingutter regatta!

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Pantry refresh

So about two years ago we added in the shoe organizer to the door of our pantry. However recently our pantry had gotten a bit out of control:

Pantry Refresh

Some of the major issues were that J could grab the foil containers (with the sharp edges), the boys couldn’t easily find their snacks, and it was unorganized.

I spent about 35 dollars at Target and purchased two red plastic bins, two soda can holders (I sprang for the lucite ones), and my biggest expenditure was an OXO snap top container for that huge container of goldfish you see in the picture. It was 17 dollars, but totally worth it.

So here is the after:

Pantry Refresh/Cupcakes and commentary

The other plastic containers and second drawer container were ones I found around our house. I also streamlined my husband’s lunch making process by putting his snacks and such together. I am going to buy one more soda can roller for tomato sauces. My favorite thing about organizing is grouping items together in bins so I can easily take them out and put them away and I don’t have to necessarily stack them in a certain order for them to stand upright. Is it strange that looking at the pantry now makes me really happy? HA!

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