November to November

I think I missed this post in October…all the birthday planning caught up to my post remembering. So here is our November to November post.

November 2008

November 2009

November 2010

When did my baby turn into a big boy?

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September to September…And why I shouldn’t be allowed to cook pancakes.

First of all.

September 2009…

September 2010…

I cannot believe my sweet baby will be 2 in a little over a month!

And why I shouldn’t be allowed to cook pancakes.

So I have a quick tip that my Mom gave me. My Mom gives me all these great tips and I need to start sharing! If you are out of pancake mix, but have a box of muffin mix, you can just make the muffin mix up and then cook them just like you would a pancake! I tried this idea out this morning with apple cinnamon muffin mix. It turned out great, except I couldn’t get the edges to cook completely before the bottom burned. Every time. I mean every time. This won’t happen to you though. Only me. And my sister. It’s genetic.

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May to May

This time last year I began posting just a few tidbits here and there about our life. So here is a quick post of May to May…my how our little cupcake has changed!

May 2009….

May 2010….

More hair, more teeth…same blue eyes, same nose 🙂

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