Birthday Celebration!

There is not much more that all the boys love than a birthday right now. A birthday means presents, cake, ice cream, balloons, and being able to get together and play! We had a great time celebrating my Dad’s birthday!

First present opening…also titled “there’s something about Granna” because this time the boys were incredibly well behaved, even sitting for pictures and waiting patiently as each present was opened. If you don’t know the history of that title check the earlier posts from my Mom’s birthday party in October!

After my Dad opened this card (which was from his Mom) M exclaimed “you got three dollars, look there are three bills there! Man! I wish I could get three dollars on my birthday!” So hilarious!

Our group family gifts (from my sister’s family and mine) was a picture calendar and a tap and die set…apparently the only tool set my Dad does not own. Although he brought up another set at the party that I bet we are all wishing we wrote down. It’s hard to find a tool or tool set my Dad does not already own!

Waiting on cake.

The cake! Chocolate with my Mom’s white frosting. So tasty!

Blowing out the candles. We managed with three boys to light the cake, blow out the candles without anyone touching the flames. An accomplishment in my opinion. Happy birthday again Dad!

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Monster Mash 3rd Birthday

I cannot believe A is three! Despite having to go on a new round of antibiotics the night before his party, A’s birthday party turned out great, and we had a good time celebrating with the family!

Up first, pin the eye on the monster…

Then, presents…because A could NOT wait any longer.

A’s shirt was made by my Mom. Didn’t it turn out sweet?

Reading cards…most of the cards had to wait until later to be read.

A new train signal track piece.

Checking out the new batcave…

Opening the batmobile from Aunt K and Uncle K and the boys…

Which goes as fast as the real batmobile I think, HA!

A got tired of opening presents after awhile, so he recruited help.

Reading his new book.

After presents it was time for dinner and cupcakes…

One of A’s requests was party hats.

A was very excited about his birthday cupcake and getting to blow out the candles…such fun!

Stay tuned for a post on the decorations and A’s 3 year post!

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Recent Phone Photos

Just a few fun photos taken with my (and my sister’s) phones over the past two weeks! Some of these are a bit blurry…if only I had the iphone, HA!

Super A doing Little J’s hair. Something about Super A’s face makes me think this could turn bad quickly.

Super A’s “I’m sooo hungry” face, as he asks for yet another snack. Sometimes I wonder if he is ever not hungry.

After nap time photo. Such love!

Super A has switched from bagels back to waffles for breakfast.

Last night when my husband was cleaning Super A up after dinner, Super A said “Daddy I just really need a big squeeze”. So sweet.

Super A wanted to carry all three pool noodles into the house. He discovered he might need a little help.



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Through various circumstances, Super A got to spend quite a bit of time with his cousins this past week. I had to capture some of their moments, especially the ones where they were watching a show after nap time.

Look at this love!

Handy M quickly reserved his spot on the couch.

Okay Granna, here’s your picture of all three boys together!

Despite how it looks, this is actually a nice hug from Super A.

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First Baseball Game

Thanks to Granna and Papa and a company picnic, Super A got to experience his very first minor league baseball game! We were not sure how it was going to go (a lot of sitting, which is not Super A’s style), but there was music and of course cousins! Super A did so well! He sat with M for a good three innings, except for when they hopped up to dance whenever music played (and music played a lot).

Super A’s angst at continually being told not to lean against the fence.


Little J’s short stint at the game. Little J sits for no one…HA! Perhaps if they had let him run the bases…

Oh there we are. I have a very similar picture to this from about five years ago.

Ahh the toothy smile.

Watching the game. Very serious.

Dancing during the intermission (do they call it an intermission in baseball?)

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Oh yeah exporting…and recent phone photos

So as you can tell we do not have a Week 2 of our One Week of Meals yet. This is because I forgot that I needed to go through exporting and uploading pictures with my sister before she could get everything posted. It is also because Super A is just getting to the point that I don’t have to sit outside his door for the first half and hour of his bedtime. My sister has a great week of food and we are super excited to share it, so stay tuned! Her post will be up on Monday June 5th, I promise!

To hold over the grandparents and family…here are some recent phone photos of our life!

Bunny is learning to use the potty along with Super A. Bunny’s done a great job so far…no accidents.

Is there anything better than watching Saturday Morning cartoons with Daddy? Besides a bagel and orange juice, Super A’s current favorite breakfast. “DON’T TOAST IT!” He shouts as I get the bagels out.

They are preparing for that Wal-Mart run on the day after Thanksgiving to get a flat screen television for 30 dollars. HA!

Measuring the grass. Shorter than an inch, so they decided the mower should be raised a bit. I think our brown grass breathed a sigh of relief.

Do you see the old Gymboree bubble container Super A is holding? All of the boys argue over who’s turn it is to use it in the pool. An old bubble container. Seriously. While the 3o dollar bucket of beach toys sits looking longingly from the sidelines.

I took this picture the day after Super A was up all night when he decided to stop sleeping in bed. Thank goodness for sisters my sister and nephews. They make great distractions for a little boy and his Momma going on about two hours of sleep.

Super A hiding in the towels. He’s so sneaky.


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Memorial Day and Low Country Boil

We decided to have a get together out our house with the family for Memorial Day. We made Paula Deen’s Low Country Boil, which was yummy and A LOT of food. The version I linked to has a more reasonable amount I believe. My sister made her yummy corn dip (you have to post that recipe, sis, I can’t remember where you got it from!), and we had ice cream bars for dessert. However, the boys glazed over all of this (except the ice cream bars and chips) because they got to have pizza. And play in the kiddie pool!

Little J with the bubble container I mentioned in another post.

Handy M and a foam water squirter. Have you seen these? My sister told me about them, you can get them at Wal-Mart, Target, etc. and they are like half of those foam noodles and you can squirt water with them.

Super A having a very two year old moment.

I can remember so many pictures like these of the adults from when I was growing up!

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The Boys.

Known to the family as “the boys”, my nephews and Super A are a team of fossil hunters, game creators, loud singers, building crashers. You can catch them on any given day pretending to be pirates, trying to climb up on everything, and building blocks, lego’s, lincoln logs, and Handy Manny sites to knock down. They all love to be outside, all want to run rather than walk, and can cook you a pretend souffle. Over the past week we got some great pictures of the boys playing that I wanted to share!

Ahh Super A. He’s got the glasses and the bike. Now if only he could reach the pedals.

Little J has so much energy, it just comes out of his hair. Did I mention he has named me KiKi? So adorable!

I just can’t get over this picture. M looks so much older than his five years here.

Hunting for fossils. They actually found some imprint of leaves on rocks.

I love the look on J’s face here.

A and J digging for bugs with sticks. The search continues.

Waiting. As M asks how far he can go on the rocks, A looks on waiting for the time he can climb on the rocks.

Ah rootbeer plants. Providing hours of interest for toddlers.

No bike is too big for J. Actually pretty much nothing is an obstacle for J.

And finally for your viewing pleasure…

A wink and a smile from Super A.

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Grandmother and Papa’s Visit

I didn’t plan to take this long off from blogging, but somehow the week has gotten away from me! So now I have some catch up to do. Super A was so excited to have his great-grandparents come visit, he is still talking about it. The other day he said “Let’s go to Granna and Papa’s so we can see Grandmother and Papa”. I said “Sorry bud, Grandmother and Papa had to go back to California”. Super A replied “Well let’s go see them there!” I said “We have to save up some money before we could do that”. Super A said thoughtfully “I’ll get your money Mommy”. I’m still waiting for him to cash in on that! HA!

We had such a fun time with them here!

It was such a beautiful week last week! The bulk of our time was spent outside, sitting for a minute and then chasing down the boys.

So much of the time we take so many pictures of the boys, I was determined to get some of us with my grandparents during their visit. Hence this picture of my sister with my Grandmother…

And this one of me with my Grandparents. Plus, we sit still for pictures.

Unlike Super A. Can you see his owie in this pic? He crashed into our hall baseboard while running down the hallway and spent the rest of the week telling everyone about it. He even re-enacted it in slow motion for my Mom. Which was pretty hilarious.

This picture took a lot of bribes. Candy. Lots of candy. And a show. Goodness.

And of course no family get together of ours is complete without lots of food. And I think red plastic cups. Not the red plastic cups from Laguna Beach though. Anybody know what I’m talking about?? HA!

In case your wondering the weight limit of a big wheel. It holds my Dad. And Little J. Yet cannot be pushed by Super A. That’s the only kind of math I do.

And lastly I had to include this picture of my sister and Little J. Because it’s adorable!

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A Friday Adventure

After being sick for about two weeks, and my nephew being sick for about that long as well, my sister and I decided this past Friday to take the boys out on a much needed adventure! We went to our favorite Mexican restaurant for lunch, did a little shopping at the mall, and had frozen yogurt! We were going to stop by a local park to play, but it was still underwater from all the rain we have had lately. And by the time we got there both Super A and Little J were sound asleep! After our day of fun I think everyone needed a nap!

Waiting at the fountain for our table to be ready. After explaining to the boys that they could not climb on the fountain because there was a sign that said “no climbing, walking, or sitting on the fountain” we watched a little girl twice their age walk all over it. Nice.

It made me laugh that each of the boys had their own salsa bowls, and pretty much ate all the salsa in each.

At the yogurt place Super A got watermelon sorbet and snickerdoodle cookie dough frozen yogurt with sprinkles and a few reese’s peanut butter cups at Handy M’s recommendation!

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