The Christmas Countdown: Last Minute Gifts

Ah, last minute shopping. Especially this year when Christmas falls on a Tuesday (what is up with that? I mean besides the calendar being what is up with that…), shopping that weekend before Christmas happens. Here is a list of gifts that are good ideas whether you buy them the weekend before or weeks before.

Christmas Countdown91. You can never go wrong with getting someone a new movie…and The Dark Knight Rises is a good choice. You can find it at Target, Wal-Mart, Best Buy….pretty much anywhere that has a movie stand area. Shopping for kiddos? Try Brave.

2. A satchel. Cute, has multiple purposes (work bag, baby bag, carry-all). This one is from Target, but you can find them at Kohls and all major Department stores.

3. A board game. Settlers of Cattaan is on of our favorites. You can find it at Target, Barnes and Noble, and possibly Wal-Mart (but don’t hold me to that one).

4. A Compilation Series for the author enthusiast. You can find these mainly at Barnes and Noble and Books A Million, however sometimes you find them in really random places (like Hobby Lobby). I have Edgar Allen Poe’s Series listed here, but you could also go with Jane Austen, Sherlock Holmes (or for a fun twist try Roald Dahl’s Ghost Stories). The best thing about these? They are incredibly inexpensive.

5. A pajama set. Everyone always loves a nice, new pajama set. The one I have listed is from Target, but you can find them at Victoria’s Secret, Wal-Mart, and of course any department store.

6. A new pair of gloves. These are “glittens” from J Crew, but I have found lovely pairs at Target and Kohls.

7. A throw blanket. The one shown is from Target, but don’t count at Wal-Mart…they have lovely Better Homes and Gardens ones.

Happy Shopping!

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