Ice painting

Ice PaintingI’ve seen this activity done lots of different ways on Pinterest. My idea was to use our Popsicle molds, because it would make a convenient handle for the boys. I set them up in their holder:

Ice popsicle paintingAnd then on one particularly hot day, I let the boys fill them with water, and then choose what type of food coloring to put in each. They picked green, green/blue, purple, orange, and “red” (which turned out to be hot pink). Their favorite part was shaking the color in the molds after I had sealed the tops. I stuck them in the freezer and actually forgot about them until this weekend, when they said they were bored with all their outdoor toys.

Ice paintingSo, I grabbed the popsicle paints for an activity. I found that they colored much better on paper than the patio. It also took a little bit of work to get the “paints” working because it was overcast. They started out making pictures and then went Pollock-style and were just dumping paint all over them. The food coloring did stain their hands some, but it came off in the bath.

I tried to save the finished pictures, but when I left them out to dry in the yard, the boys started running through the yard using the paper as capes. So…that’s an option too. 🙂 Happy Monday!

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