Study inspiration

Our study at our old house was many different spaces during the time we lived there. Now that we are working from home for the foreseeable future, in our new home we are creating a true office space that we can use for work. One of our additions was french doors to create a sound barrier for when we are in meetings. The other was working on introducing better functionality instead of it just being a landing space for all of our junk.

One of the things we got rid of before we moved was my college desk in our study. It was a big space of a desk, but was mainly the ply-board, and had become a storage top instead of an actual functional space. We did keep B’s desk (which is large), and we are keeping the curtains we had in our study before. With that in mind, I wanted to layer some prints, but keep a similar color palette and replace the standard light in the study with an upgrade I’ve been eyeing for probably two years.

I love, love this pendant light. I always thought about buying it for our old house, but I’m glad I waited.

Traditional roll around desk chairs make me dizzy, so I’m going with a larger club chair that I can curl my feet up in.

And speaking of desks, this one offers the option of sitting or standing. I love the versatility especially because I’m going to be spending long hours at my desk.

I’m getting two of these sets of drawers for file papers, craft stuff, and work items.

Love this rug, as it pulls in both blues and oranges.

This room gets a lot of light from two directions, so I’m going to jump in with a fiddle leaf fig.

And finally, one of my favorite rituals of work focus is lighting a candle.

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