Halloween decor favorites

Oh October. One of my favorite months of the year, because it has A’s birthday, my Mom’s birthday, and Halloween. As the boys have gotten older we have added a few more spooky elements, but it’s still mainly cutesy items because I don’t care to have terrifying stuff in my house. One of my favorite decor items are these ceramic ghosts:

And oh does the pumpkin dolce candle smell amazing. This candle and the iced coffee candle I featured in my Fall decor post are my two favorites right now. I always buy it locally at Sweet Pineapple.

On our mantel I added just a few Halloween touches, including a banner, fabric spider lights and ribbon wrapped around the candles.

Our foyer table is the spot for our haunted house and characters. Target has these each year in different styles:

And my Studio McGee table is filled with little Halloween touches:

And fabric spiders are my favorite, I put one on each chandelier:


And inside metal pumpkins:

And we’ve got our skulls and vultures keeping watch on the kitchen table:

And finally, this guy apparently has become the house mascot and I keep finding him dressed up everywhere:

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A lion and a clone trooper

We attended a fall festival on Friday. I was grateful that we had the opportunity to go because a) I have to work on Halloween, and b) it is supposed to rain on Halloween.

A lived out his dream of being Alexander the Clone Trooper (no this is not a character from Star Wars, well the clone trooper part is):

IMG_3707 IMG_3708

And I relished in my most likely last year of J not having an opinion about his costume:


You may remember I posted this tutorial to my Friday Favorites about a month ago, which was where I got the instructions for the hood. I bought thinner yarn than I realized, but honestly it was so hilarious by the time I was done we went with it.

IMG_3716 J loves his hat so much, that I thought he would like the hood, but he did not. He kept saying “hat, hat” and patting his head after he took off the hood. So obviously I should have made a lion’s mane out of a newsboy cap. HA!

IMG_3717And one final shot. I definitely think George Lucas should have added lions to Star Wars. Although with the right clothes J could have rocked an Ewok look for sure.

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Costumes and Candy

I wasn’t kidding when I said A really did not want to dress up for Halloween. Here is his first costume:

I could hardly get him to keep the sticker on. So imagine how it was trying to get him into the next costume:

He has the roar of the dinosaur down well.

The only way I got him to wear either the dino costume or the sticker to take pictures was to bribe (yes bribe) him with being able to paint his little pumpkin.

Do you see the face on the side? He made that! I was impressed.

After pumpkin painting and dinner, A decided that he did not want to go trick or treating, but had a great time passing out candy to the kids that came to our door.

He even let me put his dino costume back on for a few minutes to pass out the candy.

Running to answer the door. He waved at everyone, and wanted to know when the kids were coming back for more candy!

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Halloween Crafts

How does one get crafty with a one year old? With tissue paper of course! I saw the idea for Pumpkin Ornaments in Parent’s Magazine and decided to re-create it for a Halloween craft. I tried to find a craft that I could actually make and it was not something I made and put our one-year-old’s name on it. So I thought ah ha tissue paper. One-year-olds love tissue paper (well mine does). They love to crinkle it, and rip it, and stomp on it, and that is basically what you need to do to create this craft. All you need is clear plastic ornaments (I got mine from Hobby Lobby…on sale this week!), some green ribbon (left over from our Candyland birthday party), a black permanent marker, and some orange tissue paper (also left over from the birthday party). I cut the tissue paper in fourths, so it would be smaller to fill the ornaments. The key with creating the faces for the pumpkins is to draw the faces on the inside of the ornament, so it doesn’t smudge later. So all you do is tear up the tissue paper, draw a face with the permanent marker, stuff with the tissue paper, and then loop with the green ribbon. Super simple, and pretty cute! If you have an older child, they also suggest pom-poms, crinkle paper, or even more orange ribbon to fill the ornaments. Here are our completed pumpkins!

Pumpkin Ornament
Pumpkin Ornament
Bunch o' Pumpkins
Bunch o' Pumpkins
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