Favorite Halloween-ish Reads

Over the last seven months, one of the things that had kind of faded away and we brought back is reading books to the boys at night. The boys read every night before bed, but since they’ve both become avid readers, our routine had become telling them goodnight and then they would read in their rooms for thirty to forty minutes before it was lights out for the night. However, I started reading some to J again when he was struggling to find a book he wanted to read and just coming out of his room over and over again during reading time. All of the boys picture books are upstairs now, so I’ve started bringing out theme books for each season, and the boys are loving it! Here are some of our favorite Halloween books!

I picked up Bats at the ____book series set of three. These have always been some of our favorite library check outs, so I thought this would be a great edition to our home book shelf.

Whooo goes there? Not necessarily completely Halloween, but it is about owls. This is the first book that J memorized and began reading to us and everytime we read it I can hear his little toddler voice reciting “is it a mouse just right for my dinner?”

Room on the Broom. Declared one hundred percent hilarious by my boys, they giggle the whole way through this one.

Berenstein Bears Trick or Treat. This was mine as a kid, so it’s fun to read the boys a book that I read growing up.

Little Boo. Great pictures, and tells the story of how a seed grows into a pumpkin, from the perspective of the seed.

Gustavo the Shy Ghost. I picked this one up for the boys this year, and it is such a sweet story, and I love it for J who tells us that sometimes he feels a bit shy.

Frankencrayon. You honestly can’t go wrong with Michael Hall books. The pictures are always vibrant and colorful and the stories always hold the boys interest from beginning to end (which isn’t hard considering they love being read to).

We also have a The Little Old Lady Who Wasn’t Afraid of Anything, that reminds me so much of taking the boys to story time at the library and the sweet librarian who read it to them every Fall. Reading to kids of any age is always a good idea! And if you don’t want to purchase books check to see what your local library is doing for loaning books right now. Our city library actually has curbside pick up for books, and was one of the first in the nation to do so!


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