A gift list for your boys who like to play the piano really, really loud

Christmas list for boysWith the boys being close in age (only about three years apart), at this point they have quite a few similar interests in toys and games. One of the things I really thought about was what they play with together. These are some of my favorites.

A pennant for their room and their weekend pillow forts and tents. Christmas list boysNew scooters because the only one they have is a radio flyer from when A was two.  Christmas list boys 2I really like the classic Lego city sets because they tend to have more functions and pieces for the price.  Christmas list boys 3 My aunt and uncle got A a marble gift set for Christmas when he was three and both boys still play with it. Christmas list boys 4 B got this game for his birthday and it honestly has no end of possibilities. They can make levels, play online uploaded levels, or play levels created by nintendo. Christmas list boys 5 The boys love playing pretend (one of their favorite game is playing school, or Bowser’s ship), so it’s always neat to have items that they can role play with.Christmas list boys 6And finally, a balancing toy game that requires few instructions and they can easily set it up together for those stuck in the house days that I know are coming with winter. Christmas list boys 7

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