Boys’ Holiday Gift Guide

This is a gift guide of the boys’ tried and true favorite items. From tiny action figures to drawing supplies, these are ideas that have lasted them through the past several years and never get old. Even the Magnatiles J will get out while we are watching a movie or sports and build houses for his Tsum Tsums, action figures, and stuffed animals.

Lego sets. I especially like this creator one, that has a lot of quantity for the price (if you’ve never done a LEGO piece cost analysis, you’ve never spent a Friday night at our house, ha!)

Fortnite, Halo, or Imaginext, any type of small action figures are great for setting up battles, role-playing, or living in a Magnatile house.

All the colored pencils and crayons. These big sets are great for the boys’ bookmark creations, board game ideas, and MARIO maps.

Sometimes I have found things at PBTeen to be overpriced, but their Harry Potter throws are excellent quality and used often at our house.

The boys’ current small plush obsession are these tiny Russ petootie animals. You can barely find them online, but they are at lots of big box stores like Target, and smaller shops as well (I’ve found smaller shops have more unique ones).

The illustrated Harry Potter collection. I feel like this needs no other explanation.

We love board games around here, and this version of Ticket to Ride is a little shorter than the original, for nights where you can’t commit an hour and a half to a game.

One of the best recommendations I received in improving the boys’ strength in basketball throwing was a weighted ball. It feels unnatural to play with, but is good for throwing practice. We do monitor them when they use it, so they don’t rough house play with it.

All of the Wild Republic plushes are a favorite around here.

Of all the hot wheel sets they’ve received, this crash one still gets the most laughs and excitement.

A golf glove is one of A’s essentials for practice.

If you don’t have a Switch game in mind, Super Mario Maker 2 should be on your list. The boys have made many, many levels on it.

Any Stuart Gibbs books are enjoyed by the boys, a set of Spy School or FunJungle books would be a great start to his series.

Battlebots mini vehicles. Because playing a mini version of Battlebots is almost as fun as watching Battlebots on tv.

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