Our favorite enchilada dishes


Enchiladas are one of my all time favorite meals. Chicken or beef, cheddar cheese or Monterey Jack, at home or at a restaurant, corn or flour tortillas, they’re one of my favorite things to eat. My classic enchiladas are these.

Created by my Mom, they’re the recipe that everybody in my family knows (cousins, aunts, uncles, etc.), and they always taste like home. They also are dear to me because B and I made them together for our first Valentine’s Day together. No frills, no fancy dinner out, just cooking enchiladas and watching re-runs of Reba. I could’ve married him that day!

However, with B’s food allergies I’ve created modified ones over the years to accommodate his diet. These include three cheese enchiladas


And green chile enchiladas

My beef enchilada recipe is also a take on my mom’s recipe and the boys’ favorite…

And sometimes I’m just cooking for me and make a modified version for lunch…

And in summer we make The Pioneer Woman’s chicken enchiladas with strawberry poppyseed salad

Hope you find your favorite enchilada!

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Foods, Crafts, Super A

I couldn’t think of a better name for this post, so there you go. As you may have noticed my one week of meals has gone by the wayside. With being sick at dinner almost every night for the past month, it doesn’t make you feel much like blogging about dinner. In the fall I am planning to pick back up our Monday Night Dinners, so stay tuned! To tide you over here are a few recipes we have made lately that are soooo good!

Fly Through Our Window’s Sweet Crunchy Dills

I love this recipe. My sister and her husband made them last year and I made them this year (they provided the cucumbers from a family friend). They remind me of the cucumbers and vinegar dish my Grampie used to make when I was little. So yummy!

The Pioneer Woman’s Simple Perfect Enchiladas

I liked this recipe because it is a slightly different take on the beef enchiladas my family makes. I used flour tortillas instead of corn because for some reason corn tortillas did not sound appetizing in my pregnancy brain. Who knows! Which means I did not dip them in the sauce I just ladled a tiny bit of sauce in the center of each tortilla. This took a couple of tries to get it not to spill, but worked really well.

Okay on to crafts. I have not done that many crafts this summer, I am still trying to get around to sealing a painting project I started back in April. However check out some of these terrific craft projects I have seen lately:

Tales of a Peanut’s Bow Holder

Such a cute idea! As a former owner of many, many bows (many of which my Mom made for my sister and I), I love this.

Under the Sycamore’s Paper Bird Painting

I actually use this as an example in my class of showing steps throw visual aids if you don’t have time to do the steps in front of the class. I don’t think I’ve ever posted it, but I have talked about it so many times I think I’m actually going to make it this fall.

Finally a little of Super A for the fam:

Working on his bike riding skills.

Super A had his first orientation for preschool today. I can hardly believe that he is beginning a whole new adventure of preschool, and while I’m not sure if he will like me leaving him at first, I think it’s going to be a great opportunity for him to learn all new things! One of the most important things Super A learned this summer was potty training. We have successfully accomplished potty training this summer, and I was one proud Mama to tell his teacher that he did not have to work on potty training! It was a long road, but one weekend everything seemed to click, and A has done great. That’s all for now!



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Chicken Enchiladas

In honor of a belated Mother’s Day, I bring you my Mom’s chicken enchiladas.


1 lb boneless skinless chicken breast

2 cans cream of chicken soup

About 1 cup of sour cream (you can add 1/2 cup more if you like sour cream!)

1 package of montery jack cheese (you can buy pre-shredded, or get a block and grate it!)

1 package of sharp cheddar cheese (you can buy pre-shredded, or get a block and grate it!)

1 can of green chilies (optional)

1 can of chopped olives (optional)

1/4 cup of chopped green onions

1 to 2 packages of flour tortillas


Preheat oven to 350 degrees.

Poach chicken on a low boil until cooked completely (around 25 minutes for defrosted chicken, about 40 minutes for frozen chicken).  After chicken is poached and cooled shred chicken into bite size pieces. Set aside about a third each of the cheddar and monterey jack cheese. In a seperate bowl mix together the sour cream, cream of chicken soup, remaining cheddar and monterey jack cheese, and green onions. Remove 1 and 1/2 cups of the sour cream mixture and set aside. Add shredded chicken to remaining sour cream mixture (*Tip: mix the chicken a bit at a time until it looks consistent with the sour cream mixture but not dried out, I don’t always add all the chicken). Cook tortillas on a griddle, roll about four-five tablespoons of mixture per tortilla. Place filled tortillas in a 9X13 pan. Spread the set aside sour cream mixture on top of the tortillas and top with the set aside cheese. Cook for 30 minutes until bubbly and cheese is starting to brown. Top with optional green chilies, olives, and extra green onions.

Extra Tips: This is a great make ahead dish. It can be frozen for about a month and can be made a day ahead if refrigerated. The entire recipe makes quite a bit, so I occasionally make half and then freeze half. If you are cooking it frozen cook for at least 40 minutes covered in foil, and then another 20-30 uncovered. If refrigerated cook for 30 minutes covered and 15-20 minutes uncovered.

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