Guess what J can climb up on?

CupcakesandcommentaryThe correct response is: Everything.

We spent our weekend rearranging our living room after J proved to us Friday night that he can indeed climbing up on every surface in the living room, except the TV console and one side table (yet. Fingers crossed it stays that way). We had to remove our two side bins, another side table (that he can get up on), and the rolling ottoman we have for the chair pictured above. He can get up and down off the chairs and couches fine, but the smaller bins he kept trying to stand on, and telling J “no” right now is just asking to hear ear piercing screaming. Seriously. Ear piercing. There is a ringing in your ears afterwards. He hears (and responds) to no often enough that if we can eliminate some of having to say “no” constantly we do. I went and shopped my parents’ house and replaced the side table J could crawl on with one they weren’t using that he can not get up on. After we rearranged everything he discovered that he can crawl behind the couch (and get stuck), and that he can almost reach the cords behind the TV. So we rearranged again. Right now everything seems to be in an okay spot…until next week. 🙂

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Baby playdate…


It is unbelievable to me that just a few short years ago the big brother and sister of these two were getting together for play dates. Fast forward four years and now J and H are hanging out. I think J could sum up H in one word: fascinating.

J would tentatively extend his index finger at H and then hover around him. Then he would back away slowly and sit in my lap keeping his eyes trained on H. Then he carefully went through the toys he had out, selected a few rings and set them at H’s feet. Then H who was sitting in his Mom’s lap, reached over and took the rings. J seemed quite satisfied with this accomplishment and went on to doing other things.

After awhile, H needed to stretch out, so we put him on J’s quilt. J apparently thought that H did not need to be laying out on the quilt, as he first squatted beside him (as you see in the picture), and then tried to tug the quilt out from under him. I’m not sure if he did not want him laying on the quilt, or if he thought he should be laying under the quilt (because that is J’s favorite game). I moved J on to other toys (and a nap), but he would always go back and check on his new buddy.

It amazed me how interested J was in interacting with H, I can’t quite remember A having that active interest in other babies at this time. After H left, J cried at the door. Poor boy! Obviously he is looking forward to sharing his rings again soon!

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Easter eggcitement

Sorry. Sometimes you just have to use a pun. Here is how the boys’ Easter baskets turned out:

Easter BasketsPretty eggcellent, right?

And this boy:

Easter happinessWas most eggstatic about his TMNT Shredder. He has not left his side since.

And this boy:

Easter egg huntReally just wanted his brother’s stuff. And to put the empty Easter eggs in the basket.

And here is a really terrific picture of the boys with their Granna and Papa:

Boys with Granna and PapaHappy Easter! Hope yours was eggspecially wonderful. Okay I’ll stop now.

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Right in the middle of reading

If I could describe J right now it would be “in the middle”. J tries to get right in the middle of what anyone is doing right now…whether it be when I am standing out the counter fixing a meal, or when we are reading to the boys, or when A is playing in his room.

Case and point:

readingJ toddled over to my husband, pushed his arm aside, and plopped down in his lap. Guess he didn’t want to miss what happened in the Phantom Menace!

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I Heart J decorations and food

When I did the decorations for A’s first birthday I have to say I probably went a bit overboard. I remember staying up until 11 p.m. the night before his birthday prepping and placing decorations. For J’s birthday I planned for simple decor, that was mostly all high enough that J couldn’t rip down!

James' Birthday One of my favorite things about the decorations was the Heart U photo frame and J’s photo book (below). The frame has his pictures from his year in Instagram photos. I ordered a number 1 cupcake cake from Publix and despite a slight snag with the original cake (they did it completely wrong)…they did fix it quickly. For the boys party favors I went really simple. I did a bag o’ legos (you can get them at Target), with a balloon tied on it. I changed over the ribbon for the Christmas card holder, and put J’s cards on it (plus a few school art projects done by A). James' Birthday1For the frames, I did a background using wrapping paper and then I drew the city scene and writing on the outside glass with a dry erase marker. The night before my husband decked out our dining area with streamers (which I forgot to take a picture of the entire scene), but I did remember to take a picture of the ends of the streamers which I put little cardstock hearts on. The grown-up party favors were 4×6 of J in his birthday outfit. James' Birthday2So for the food, I made a ladle….HA! So that was the best picture I quickly took. I made Picky Palate’s short ribs (from her cookbook….they are soo good!) in the crock pot. I paired it with two huge loaves of crusty Cuban bread, a simple green salad, and applesauce containers. For our opening presents appetizers I made guacamole and chips. I went with items that were either made ahead or could be put together quickly. I didn’t want to spend a lot of time in the kitchen finalizing food.

Overall I was really pleased with how it all turned out!

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J’s Birthday Party

J definitely partied for his birthday. He knocked over a lamp, downed a whole cupcake, and was still up playing 40 minutes past his bedtime. He was more interested in playing with the big boys rather than opening presents, but once he realized there were items in the boxes, he enjoyed them! Here is his birthday in pictures:

IMG_1359 IMG_1415 IMG_1435 IMG_1441 IMG_1446 IMG_1473 IMG_1485 IMG_1510 IMG_1516 IMG_1533 IMG_1538 IMG_1539 IMG_1548 IMG_1554 IMG_1556 IMG_1564 IMG_1567

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J’s reading style

A has always loved reading books. I can remember when he was around 1 and a half we would get a big stack of books from the library and just sit in the chair and read for an hour every day. When J was an infant we used to read to him the same way we did with A, and I wondered if he would share the same interest in reading A has as he got older.

As J has really started to develop his very distinctive little personality it is funny to see how he shares and is different from A in so many ways. He has developed the same love of reading as A does, but J prefers books that have real photographs, photographs of animals, and have some sort of touch and feel aspect (pretty typical for his age). J will go grab a book from his room and carry it into the room proudly in his little chubby hands and then promptly throw it at your face if you aren’t watching. This means “let’s read it!” And where A would cuddle up next to us on the floor or in a chair, J always stands. At attention. And he pokes at the book and stomps his feet in delight with pages he likes, and claps his hands.

J ReadingAnd if he likes it well enough, after you finish the book he will grab it and toss it to you again for you to read. Good thing they make sturdy baby books!

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From rain to snow to sun to COLD.

After over a week of literally non-stop rain on Thursday the weather took a turn a few degrees colder and we got a little bit of snow and a lot of ice. So A got to go out and play in his first snow of the season:

IMG_1251 Obviously it was a VERY small amount of snow where we live. A was disappointed it was not enough to make a snowman. However, it was nice to have a change from the constant rain.

IMG_1252 My husband LOVES snow. It doesn’t take much encouragement for him to get bundled up and go outside with the boys in it (J was not interested in going out on this occasion).IMG_1254It snowed for about two hours then stopped and the sun came out and we were left with just icy roads and cold air. But there was sun!

This weekend it warmed up decently and we took advantage of the opportunity to play outside before the temperatures plunge back into the thirties:IMG_1279J was thrown off by the prickly grass and pretty much sat watching his brother play for most of the time. IMG_1280 A was excited to pull out his slide and play boat.IMG_1290And after watching football most of the day A decided he wanted to play a little football himself. Which mainly means A runs from you with the ball, yelling “it’s my ball don’t touch it!”, and then periodically chunks it randomly at someone. Silly boy!

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Dyson = Push Toy

Despite having numerous items that could be designated as safe push toys, J’s go to item is our vacuum. Whenever I get it out he scurries over to it stands up and immediately starts trying to push it around on his own. Sometimes I imagine him happily vacuuming the whole house….hahaha.

Push ToyYes I took a picture. Don’t fret, my hand is on the vacuum. And no we don’t let him actually push it around the house. That would be ridiculous. Or the best way to vacuum ever…

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This and That

This is what I like to call A “spinning his wheels”

Spinning hie wheels


Playing in the curtainsThat is the reason all of our curtains in the living room are currently pulled up and I have to keep J’s door shut. J loves a good curtain to play in.

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