Four little acorn seeds

J collected four acorns on the boys’ camping trip, and came home with plans to grow an acorn tree in the backyard. A tall order considering acorn trees take about four to five years to grow into a full sapling that can be planted beyond a pot. However, our family is obviously patient with tree growing, considering the redwood at our old house.

We selected a terra-cotta pot that we placed strategically on our back porch, so it can get rain and sun. We placed plastic bottles in the bottom of the terra-cotta pot (tip from the Martha Stewart show we’ve been watching on occasion), then we used potting mix on top, and patted in the acorns about an inch from the surface.

And now J has patiently checked on them each day as part of his morning routine, and gives them a little water if the soil looks “light brown instead of dark brown”.

J is all about rocks, minerals, plants, fossils, and science in general right now. It’s so fun to read and study along with him! I also have plans to plant tulip bulbs with the boys in the next few weeks. It will be fun to see which grows first!

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