Super A = Super Picky Eater

“Back in the day” A was a pretty good eater. He would try various foods, eat pretty much what I cooked, and had a wide range of liked foods. Then he hit three and a half. Somehow around this time he became a picky eater. I don’t know how or why it changed, but now dinner for us has become a constant hassle. He doesn’t like/want to try anything I make unless it is one of the following:

chicken nuggets


turkey sandwich

peanut butter sandwich

cheese quesadilla (which I HATE making now because he asks for it and never ends up eating it)

cheeseburgers (he doesn’t eat much of these either. Again I think he likes the idea more than the actual food itself)


Each of these items are typical, kid liked foods. And we definitely make one or more of them once a week. However, as someone who cooks a lot, I am on a mission to get A to expand his spectrum of food likes. So I have been blog and pinterest searching and am coming up with lists of kid friendly meals for us to try. Here is what I selected for this past week and our results.

Jenna’s Journey French Bread Pizza

  French Bread Pizza

So of course this was a hit with A. I sometimes think that if I just start calling any food I serve him “pizza ____” he would eat it. I served it with zucchini sticks and yogurt for dipping (he likes yogurt), and oddly enough he wouldn’t eat the yogurt, but he did eat some of the zucchini sticks.

Kevin and Amanda’s Peas, Ham, and Creamy Noodles

Peas, Ham, Creamy

I picked this dish because it has egg noodles in it and A likes egg noodles. He ate it pretty well, but mainly picked out the noodles and only ate the peas and ham with us telling him he had to eat at least some of it.

My Own Cheesy Beefy Burros

 Cheesy Beefy Burros

Sometimes he eats this great, sometimes he doesn’t. I served it with corn, and he ate pretty well.

Picky Palate’s Turkey Pumpkin Chili

Chicken Pumpkin Chili

I knew I was throwing a long shot by attempting to get him to eat chili (I don’t think I really cared for chili as a kid), I encouraged him by adding cheese and let him put ketchup on it. He ate okay, but it took quite a bit of encouragement from us to get him to eat.

The Pioneer Woman’s Twice Baked Potatoes and Turkey Sandwiches

 Twice Baked PotatoesA ate the turkey sandwich well, of course, and he ate several bites of potato because he was required to eat several bites of potato.

Overall, these are all meals I would try again. My personal favorite of the new ones was the chili dish and the noodles dish. You have to really keep an eye on the noodles dish if you have an electric stove top…mine boiled over! Happy Eating!

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