Super A is FOUR

A is four today! I can hardly believe it! He was very excited about his birthday day gift:

Here are some updates on what our big four year old is up to:

A weighs 32.8 lbs (he wanted to weigh himself this morning…silly boy)

He still loves to sing all the time (his current favorites are songs he learned at school, Toto’s Africa, Katy Perry’s Firework (yes still), and the many, many songs he makes up on his own).

His favorite foods are lasagna, fruit, bagels, fruity pebbles cereal, and pizza

He loves playing legos and with his bucket of massive random items (that he creates into various things)

He loves playing Mario (he can complete half a level of the first Mario…pretty impressive for a four year old!)

He has enjoyed soccer practice, but can’t really get interested in the soccer games

His favorite show is Octonauts and his favorite movie is How to Train Your Dragon

He loves Cousin Day, school, coloring, and playing with his baby brother as long as he doesn’t mess with the stuff he is playing with.

Happy Birthday A! I know you are super excited about your birthday party this weekend!

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