Sunday Celebration

Celebration 4We are at five straight weeks of church attendance for J, and I couldn’t be prouder of him! After having to take a pretty distinctive hiatus because of his anxiety (and hence screaming), from being left in the nursery he now marches in with his backpack and a smile to his Sunday School class. In addition to that milestone, today was a special celebration at our church for the opening of the new children’s wing that holds a special place in our hearts…

Three years ago I was a nervous Mama, taking a tour of our church’s new pre-school program for A. He was two then, J was but a thought in our minds. I knew A needed some more interactive playtime with other kids, and the church down the street from us was starting a new program. A was part of the introductory class at the school, completing the 2s, 3s, and 4s before heading off to Kindergarten this year. Now this year, J is part of the introductory class of the new children’s wing of the school and church. It is bright, beautiful, and the best part is J’s class during the week and Sunday School class are exactly the same, so it feels like his own place.

And Sunday we celebrated that new children’s wing, and the boys loved it!

Celebration 3

A was enamored with the food trucks and sno-cones, while J couldn’t get enough of the bouncy houses…

Celebration 2-001

As you can see J was very excited about running with the feet in his grass, while A was less so:Celebration

We did manage to convince J to leave the slides long enough to get some snacks:

Celebration 5We left with A asking for another Sprite and J yelling that he wanted to go back to the bouncy houses. We were hot, sweaty, and covered in Cheeto dust when we left, but it was worth it to celebrate a school that will always hold a special place in my heart for the boys and their education.

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