Summer reading: Boys’ addition

Summer ReadingWe try to go to the library once a week, especially during the summer. Some of the books the boys’ check out they read over and over and others are read once or twice and then sit untouched for the rest of the week. I thought I would share a little about their current favorite books and a little more about them…

1. Alphablock. I can remember A pouring over stacks of picture cards when he was little, J not so much. However, this book seems to bridge the gap between the two and both boys absolutely love it. The letters stand out from the pages and then connect to the picture on the other side of the page. Another thing I love about it is A can read the book to J, and I’ve captured many sweet moments of them actually sitting together flipping through the book.

2. Scaredy Squirrel has a Birthday Party. The boys giggle through this whole book. It’s about a squirrel who has serious anxiety issues. Seriously. He over plans everything in anticipation of bad things happening, and then panics when things go wrong. However, in the context of a children’s story apparently this is hilarious. I think there should be a Scaredy Squirrel visits the psychologist. Continuing on…

3. Green Eggs and Ham. No, we do not own this book. Mainly because my parents do, and A has always read it there with my Mom. In addition, A never latched on to this book, the way I remember loving it as a child. J is a different story. I picked this book up thinking A could work on sight words in it with me, and J will sit (I mean sit still, people) for the whole story. I may need to buy the book just for that purpose. We are talking about the child who likes to stand to eat. Truth.

4. Truck. This book is mainly pictures. However, I read the words that are there in the voice of Sheldon Cooper from Big Bang Theory in the episode that he gets a train set. I’m sure you can you tube that if you would like to find out more. Anyway, J thinks this is awesome….and doesn’t like it when other people read it. I can understand why, voice impressions are a specialty of mine.

5. A Long Way Away. This is by the same author who wrote another favorite of J’s “Along a Long Road”. Each of the stories has a simple premise, but the pictures are wonderfully unique and they each have water landscapes (a J favorite in books).

6. The Diggers are Coming! A book about construction vehicles always goes over well in our house. The alliteration use in the book helps A pick up the words when he practices reading it.

7. Eric Carle Classics (Includes The Tiny Seed, Pancakes, Pancakes, and Walter the Baker). I’ve discussed this anthology before. We’ve checked this book out before and will check it out again. Each of the stories is fun, it teaches them about a process, and the pictures are wonderful. This is one that A will sit beside me reading each word as I read, and J lays on his back with his feet kicking my arm as I read.

8. What’s your Favorite Animal. This is a relatively new anthology by Eric Carle that has different illustrators discuss their favorite animal in short form. The boys have not read this one as much as the others, but I like that you can pick it up and read a short snippet without having to go through the whole book.

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