Summer Reading

Summer ReadingSince summer is already feeling like it’s flying by, I’ve gathered a shorter list of reads before the boys go back to school and I head back to work. Plus I still have plans to read The Girl on the Train, the book that continues to allude me in possibilities of checking out from the library. HA!

1. A recommended read from a blog that sounds insightful and intriguing.

2. Different from my normal book genres, this one combines a graphic novel quality to describe a girl’s adventure of taking her grandparents on vacation.

3. Hercule Poirot’s last case….how have I not read this yet?

4. A boy’s search to create power for his home and community before and after a famine in Malawi. I’m reading this right now and it is excellent.

5. I’m always looking for books to reference for my business class, and this one seems on mark.

6. And because B has said over and over “Since you’ve read Jurassic Park, you’ve got to read The Lost World.” Plus it’s fitting for this summer, right?

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