Summer Fun Box 2

I am waiting another week or so before I introduce the second summer fun box to the boys, but I thought I would go ahead and share what we picked out.

Summer Fun & LearningFor this box I was thinking of things that both boys would enjoy. I realized after getting the last box that a lot of the items were geared more towards A’s age (the puzzle and books), and even the stack of counting cards has received more usage from A, who likes lining up the trains and animals. Anyway, for this set I thought more of broader age range to encompass both boys’ interests.

1. Instead of getting a map floor puzzle, I went for an actual map. When I was younger a friend of mine’s parents always had this huge Rand McNally map in their kitchen. I don’t know why, but I always thought it was the coolest thing. I got this one from amazon for CHEAP (like 6 dollars). I’m thinking about creating a make-shift frame for it and putting it at a low spot in the kitchen so the boys can see it at eye level.

2. Mario Kart 8. We recently jumped into the 2012’s and purchased a WiiU. We’d been saving for awhile and when Mario Kart 8 came out it tipped the scales. A doesn’t know we have gotten this yet, but he is already pumped about the prospect of playing it on-line with his cousins.

3. Clone troopers. B works with a bunch of guys who have grown boys. And our boys are reaping the rewards of this because ever since A was born, we have gotten a slew of hand me down toys. Which includes many classic Gi Joe vehicles (we have an ottoman FULL now), that go with B’s GI Joe base. However, many of the action figures are falling apart and B found these guys on sale, so the boys have so more action figures to play with.

4. The Very Lonely Firefly. We are doing a little firefly lesson this week (I’ll share more about that later), and so this was the perfect book to accompany it. Plus, it’s a board book that J can carry around and read on his own.

5. A train puzzle. J is always looking for new puzzles to put together, and although that sweet boy tries, he gets very frustrated with the map puzzle I purchased last month. This is a great step-up from his other puzzles without being too advanced.

6. Counting cubes. For A to work on categorizing number amounts and for J to work on color recognition (“It green!” he proclaims…for any color).

7. Push-up popsicle molds. I saw this on an Instagram feed I follow and couldn’t resist. The boys, especially J, are obsessed with Popsicles and these are supposed to be slightly less messy.

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