Study re-do 2017

While sitting in the bedroom, listening to the boys yell while playing Minecraft the other day, I told B “alright, I’m done. They’ve got to have another place to play this game.”

Which began study re-do 2017. Our study looked like this:

Essentially a hot mess/piano room/computer room/place for random books.

After a lot of cleaning and purging, we transformed it into this:

The piano is now along one wall where it isn’t taking up the window space and we got a small console, television, and moved several of our consoles underneath it.

We put both desks along the back wall (along with one book case…the other we moved out as you’ll see in a minute), and filed, or threw away papers and moved our filing cabinet to our closet. We have plans to eventually add a rug, update my desk, and update the loveseat, but it works for now.

And my favorite part, we finally got the gallery wall up in the study that I’ve been planning for years. Done and done.

And for the other bookcase:

We moved it to our living room. We also re-arranged some frames and books, and added some decorative elements:

And updated the corner shelves and frame as well:

And now I’m going go take a nap. Ha!



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