Stocking Stuffers for A

I hit the jackpot with A’s stocking stuffers this year. Most of them I got on sale (some for more than fifty percent off). The two best places I found items was a Toys R Us store closing and a Barnes and Noble after Thanksgiving sale. I was able to get a few of the items for less than a dollar that were normally six to ten dollars! So here are A’s stocking stuffer goodies:

Items include: Melissa and Doug magnifying glass and shovel (my Toys R Us finds), James the train, Splat the Cat Sings Flat Book (both Barnes and Noble specials), a Word World coloring book, Glitter Crayons, Hot Wheels Truck, Cars Underwear, Batman toothbrushes, Jelly Belly’s, M@M’s, and a Mickey Mouse Tumbler/Big Boy Cup (all from Target), and I couldn’t resist the little eraser animals that you see sitting on top of the Tumbler. They are from a company called Iwako and you can find them on Amazon.  Obviously I am not endorsed by any of these brands/companies (as with the other stocking stuffers) these are just my selections for Christmas!

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