Starting to check off my summer list…

During the fall and spring semester I always have a running list in the back of my mind of projects to complete during the summer. This weekend I checked one of them off:

Cleaning up the back porchWe finally have a legit container (instead of a broken small plastic bin) to hold the boys’ outdoor toys! We also finally invested in a garden hose holder, and I got two small Adirondack chairs for the boys, so they will stop taking ours. I also replaced the rocks in the boys water table with sand and we promptly moved that to the grass, so J will stop tracking sand through the house.

In addition to that, we celebrated one of the boys’ (including B) favorite holidays…

Star wars cookiesWe baked cookies, made Lightsaber Popsicles, and had a Lightsaber showdown. And of course wore Star Wars t-shirts.

sifting flourThis is A’s “Mom, stop telling me to smile, while I’m trying to stir something” face. Happy Monday!

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  1. And where would one buy such a nice outdoor storage container if say theirs was also small, plastic and cracked?

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