Springing back from spring break

So the first part of our Spring Break went really great. We lounged, we played Mario, we hung out with the family. Then the second half of the week was a total disaster. A got sick, I got sicker, and we basically holed up in our house and did nothing for about four days straight. Which means that where I was super on top of stuff, then I was treading water trying to catch up. This whole week I’ve spent catching up, but I thought I would share some pictures from the fun parts of our Spring Break….before we were running 103 degree fevers. Enjoy!

J discovered a new pasta making app on the iPad and busied himself making pasta dishes and virtually sending them to Granna and Papa…

Spring BreakWe were total couch potatoes and watched morning cartoons while eating bagels in bed….

Spring Break IMG_6887We went to my parents and rode bikes, ran in the sun, and enjoyed the spring weather (except for the pollen)…

Spring Break The boys fixed trucks, played fire fighters, and discussed and created plays and shows…

Spring BreakAnd after a great well visit for both boys (an a big round of vaccinations for J) the boys snacked on Dunkin’ Donuts that B picked up for them:

Spring Break

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