Springform Pan

I love baking, I really do. However, I am a far better cook than baker. Which is probably why I love cupcakes so much because I meet them with much less adversity than some of my other baking experiences. I could list many different examples of this, but one that comes to mind involves a springform pan and a flourless cake recipe. The recipe was simple enough; melted chocolate chips, eggs, sugar, and a few other essentials. I mixed it all together and poured the batter into the springform pan. Now if you have any experience with springform pans you are probably thinking right now that I didn’t make sure the bottom of the pan was secured inside the outer metal loop. However, I did make sure the metal bottom was secured tightly in the metal ring. I popped it into the oven, set the timer, and went outside to check on the garden. I came back in about ten minutes later to discover that the house was not filled with the wonderfully delicious smell of chocolate cake. Instead it smelled like something was burning, which is never a good sign. I was optimistic, hoping that it was perhaps some leftover food on the bottom of the oven that perhaps was burning. It was not. A good half of the cake had leaked out onto the bottom of the oven and was burning. I quickly turned off the oven and got the cake out. It had turned into a half gooey brownie-ish state, that obviously was inedible. Although I did try it and it tasted pretty good, but I figured it wasn’t able to be served at that point. Unfortunately the story doesn’t end there. I then decided to get rid of the burned mess on the bottom of the oven I would turn on the oven’s self-cleaner (which I had never used before). Soon my husband and child were barricaded in the bedroom as I opened every window, turned on every fan, and was desperately trying to stop the self cleaning function (which is not easy to do), to stop the excessive amount of smoke that was pouring out of the oven. It took several hours to completely air out the house and I am still cleaning out the oven!

The moral is that there is a right and a wrong way to put a spring form pan together. Even if it is secure make sure the bottom of the pan is right side up so the edge prevents the batter from running out. And don’t take the easy way out of cleaning an oven.

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