Spring refresh…five updates under ten dollars each.

Approaching Spring makes me eager to do a bit of updating, and there are no better quick updates than these five ideas! While J and I were in between appointments on Monday we picked up all of these (except the frame, that is on my list to do when I don’t have J with me…he and Hobby Lobby don’t mix, but that’s a story for a different post, HA!).


Foaming Hand SoapNew soap dispensers. Now you may have fancy soap dispensers and if so, I applaud you, but I do not. After going through a variety of expensive ones and having them mold/break/stop working, I gave up. I love refreshing for Spring by updating our disposable ones. The Method collection at Target is my favorite. You can get 3 for under $10.

2. Hand towelsNew bathroom hand towels like these Threshold Striped ones. They are a thicker material, and the colors match our bedroom color palette (yellow, gray, navy blue, light blue). Some of our hand towels are still mismatched sets from when we were in college. It’s nice to have a bit of updating! You can get 2 for $10 (they are on sale right now).

3. WashclothsAnd with hand towels, pick up some coordinating wash cloths. My Grandmother has always told us to get thinner washcloths because they are easier to rinse out and clean…and she would know, she raised five daughters! These room essentials coordinate with the more expensive hand towels, but are thin and less expensive. You can get 8 for less than $4. If you want something a little bit more durable, room essentials also makes a one step up wash cloth in similar colors for I think $2 a washcloth. Still not bad.

4. FramesA new frame! I have been wanting to update the frames on one corner of our living room for awhile, and I love each one of these. Each of them are from Hobby Lobby (and did you know Hobby Lobby sells things on-line now? I just found out!), and while their original price is 19.99, with their weekly sales you could easily get them for $10.

5. Potted HerbsMy last update, and probably my favorite, new spring herbs, and a cheerful little line of pots to put them in! The little pot set is from Target (I’m pretty sure it’s in store only), and A is already excited about planting new herbs for spring. The pots + herbs + a small bag of potting mix is about $10 total. Sweet!

Happy Spring refresh!

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