Spring refresh: A new frame and a chore chart revisited

I realized the other day that the glass in the frame for A’s artist list had split. Target is running a 25% off cartwheel deal, so J and I headed over there and came up with:

Learning Frame

This four square floating frame. I backed it with a scarf I had that matched our decor. Then I was going to print out a 5×7 of each artist’s facts, however I wanted something on there that J could learn from as well. So I made the little cards you see above. It’s just a google image of an animal and then it has listed underneath the colors of the animal and the sound it makes. J’s two current favorite animals are tigers and ducks (his all time favorites are dogs and horses). J LOVED this when I put it up. Every time he walks by it he says “oh tiger!” “oh duck!”, so I will definitely be continuing it with more animals.

And then I just refreshed and put A’s chore chart on our burlap pocket frame:

Chore Chart

A is working towards a Microfighter Millennium Falcon Lego set (have you seen these micro sets?? The are awesome.).  We have tried some different tactics, but we find we always go back to the chore chart to keep him on track. He works better through a goal oriented system.

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