Spring forward fashion

At the beginning of Spring I edit my wardrobe and the boys, donating any clothes that are too small, or haven’t been worn in two years, and won’t be worn again. Then I fill in with some updates (J.Crew, GapFit, and Nordstrom are my go tos). Here’s what I have re-stocked my closet with so far:

I love basic tees for summer and J.Crew and Madewell have good structure and hold up well. Trendy flats from Nordstrom can liven up my shirts and tee uniform, and I essentially wore out my old Converse and needed to update. I actually transformed the J.Crew bracelet into a necklace with a simple gold chain and it creates a statement piece for shirts and solid sweaters.

And speaking of solid sweaters…

I typically buy one tippi sweater from J.Crew each year and I love this light pink. I needed a better pair of jean shorts since my ones from Target didn’t hold uplast year, and I pretty much live in GapFit long sleeve tops for weekend baseball season.

And what I have my eye on…

A new pair of sunglasses (I always buy cheap sunglasses because I lose them/break them/sit on them/drop them), a basic white polish, some summer heeled sandals, wake you up face wipes (somehow I still haven’t gotten past spring forward!), and another pair of everyday shorts.

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