Spring fever


I saw these cherries while grocery shopping and got completely suckered into buying them. I’m trying to decide what I should make with them (besides James just eating them plain which he has, by the cupful). I’m leaning towards either cherry smoothies, cherry turnovers, or these little gems. Right now the boys are eating me out of house and home and I think it’s partly because they haven’t stopped running for three days.

The phenomenon known as “spring fever” is in full effect at our house. Despite taking the boys outside yesterday and letting them run through the sprinkler for a good long time, A was still literally turning himself in circles last night, singing and dancing. I feel like these last few days of preschool I am dropping him off and telling his teacher something to the effect of “good luck with that”. A picked out a very nice end of the year appreciation gift, so hopefully that will help, HA!

The boys truly have limitless energy, so I have started doing a bit of planning for what we are going to do this summer. A spinning his wheels usually leads to a lot of “Mommy watch this!” Which never leads anywhere good, haha. Keeping with that thought I have handled the spring fever by planning a week of swim lessons, a few days of art lessons, and I’m looking at little theater lessons for A this summer. I go back and forth between scheduling too much and not enough. A has declared he is going to build the ultimate lego tower and ninja station this summer, so I am supposing he will be pretty busy with that. And we have a plan to read 100 books! We are also going to throw a couple of chapter books into the mix. I will keep you updated with our reading progress! Hopefully we will reach our goal. And you know, not go crazy with spring fever! 🙂

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