Spring Cleaning: Laundry Room

This past weekend we started doing some spring cleaning around the house. B fixed a broken GFI outlet and cleaned out the drain in the boys bathroom. I started work on my annual cleaning behind the dryer…in which a 1 hour project became 5 hours.

Typically these steps should take you less than an hour. However, if you calculate in time addressing small children questions, needs, etc. and that your builder apparently put a non-standard dryer hose out vent…it may take you longer.

Here are my basic steps.

1. Move out your washer and dryer and unplug the dryer.

2. Remove the lint trap and clean it (and by clean it I mean wash it in warm water and soap…just wiping it off never fully cleans it). Set aside to let dry.

Lint Trap Cleaning3. Then I clean up the walls and floor behind the dryer with a magic eraser of any marks:

Clean up Marks4. Wipe down the back of the dryer with a microfiber cloth (this helps prevent static build up: Wipe down dryer5. Then you want to vacuum (floor, plus baseboards), then wipe down the baseboards with a damp sponge, swiffer, and mop the area.

Mop floorsMop Floor6. Clean out the dryer hose (or if it is really bad, you can replace it for about 10-15 dollars…check the size increments to make sure it fits):

Dryer HoseI clean it by tapping all the dirt out, and then vacuuming it several times. You can also pay to get it professionally cleaned, but if you clean it annually it helps prevent build-up.

7. Make sure you also vacuum the dryer vent export from the laundry room, and from the outside:

Dryer Vent8. Lastly move everything back into place, do a cleaning of the rest of the laundry room floor and baseboards (as you did behind the washer and dryer, and I spray Febreze allergen (no this is not an ad for that…I wouldn’t begin to know about ad stuff of that kind) on the carpet, in the laundry bins, and the foot stool the boys sit on to put their shoes on. I also switched out all winter items and replaced with summer necessary items, and I re-stuffed the foot stool to refresh it.

Foot StoolLaundry Room RefreshClean and Refreshed!

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