Spring Break

So, let me begin by saying J at 3 has not been the easiest. It’s weird because I was thinking, A couldn’t have possibly been this difficult at this age. Then I remembered how on Christmas Day he came out of his room, saw all the gifts, yelled “I don’t want any of it!!” and then ran back to his room. So there’s that.

Fast forward three years and A is 6 and J is 3. We decided that over Spring Break we would go on a little getaway to Atlanta to go to the Legoland Discovery Center and The Georgia Aquarium. We also had visions of visiting a few other places like The CNN Center and The Zoo, but it turned bitter cold on Friday and J was beyond done. We found out that J really does not care for sleeping at hotels and he definitely still needs naps.

However, despite all that the boys had a great time, especially A. I still remember our pediatrician telling us how kids have a unique ability to completely ignore all surrounding circumstances (he gave an example of one of his kids getting sick and the other standing there still asking when he was going to get a snack). A had a blast at both places.

He loved getting to build a race car…

Spring BreakAnd race it… Spring BreakHe stood with a Darth Vader Lego statue…

Spring BreakAnd got to experience the joy of sharing a bed with your sibling (which did not go well, HA!):

Spring BreakThe boys were delighted by the whale sharks…

Spring BreakAnd the massive rays…

Spring BreakA crawled under the penguins:

Spring BreakAnd after seeing all of the aquarium over several hours and in between J meltdowns, the boys each “adopted” an animal of their own:

Spring BreakAnd I managed to get a picture with a smile from J! Mission accomplished!

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  1. So cute!! Looks like you guys still had a great time. They should bed share more often – that’s character building stuff right there!

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