Spotting signs of spring

We headed out with the boys on Sunday for our weekly trail walk, and both A and J were on a mission to find spring things. A was bird and butterfly watching, and J was intent on patting each flower he found, welcoming it to the new spring.

A’s current favorite thing to do on the trail is to see how far he can run ahead of us (which makes his Mama endlessly nervous):

trailI mean a walker could come out of those woods. On that note, I may be watching too much of The Walking Dead.

And J’s favorite thing to do is pick up a HUGE stick, draw a line across the trail and then carry it like a walking stick for five minutes.

trail 2I don’t know what he’s doing, but he’s obviously got a plan.

I took a picture of A at his marker for each running stop:

trail 4Posing. Silly Boy.

And then I captured a picture of J studying the little flowers (mainly weeds):

trail 5Serious. And look at that hair flip!

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