Spooky spiders

SpiderLow cost + easy to make + maximum impact = a great paint project for the boys. For a little tutorial on how to make our spooky spiders, read on…
Last year I got ply-board cut-out bats from Hobby Lobby that are now their door signs for each Halloween. This year they had spiders, so I couldn’t resist adding to our collection.

The boys painted one side black and one side copper.

Painted Spiders IMG_6705A is very into art right now. He wants to be an artist when he grows up, so he works to spread the paint evenly and asks lots of questions about how and why I mix the paint. J also loves painting right now and his goal is to get as much paint in any area as he possibly can.

After having past projects stick to newspaper while drying, I wised up and started using non-stick foil for the paint project drying spots. Genius, right?Spooky Spiders

I let each side dry for at least three-five hours (we did early morning then late afternoon), so the paint wouldn’t get ruined when we flipped them over.

And then we hung them from the kitchen ceiling using double wrapped white thread (plain dental floss would work too!) and a good amount of tape.

Spooky Spiders Spooky SpidersI was really pleased with how they turned out! They twist ever so slightly and they don’t look like they are suspended from anything unless you are up close. Plus, it is really fun to see how J is starting appreciate doing projects like this more and more. He goes by his spider every day and says “That my spider!” A great addition to our Halloween decor!

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