Spontaneous pick me up

photo 2On Friday after J had thrown a temper tantrum most of the morning, I called my sister and said “I’m getting out, do you want to come?” At first she said no because she was actually, you know, trying to get some things done. HA! Then she re-considered and an hour later we were on the road with a purse full of lollipops and snacks. Want to make our two youngest be obliging? Give them lollipops.

We were so spontaneous we didn’t even take a stroller for J. Which was mainly because we forgot all about it. However, the persuasion of the lollipops guided him through our outdoor mall and we even went into Sephora (GASP!) with them. Boys can go shopping, too, ya’ll. It helped that they are doing major construction within viewing distance, so the boys could stop and watch. J was flat out exhausted after the trip, but I sacrificed his naptime (he fell asleep in the car), to get a few pick me ups that this Momma of a two year old desperately needed.

So here are my purchases! Don’t little purchases like this make you happy? They do for me.

IMG_5165My curling iron is ridiculously old (and hence burning my fingers), so I updated to a 1 1/4 inch hot tools. I love hot tools curling irons, I have two others and they both have lasted a long time. I got a replacement of my Clinique Baby Baby lip color (my absolute faveĀ  right now), Euphrates eye shadow from NARS (every eye shadow they make is AMAZING), and Tarte Tipsy cheek stain, so I could try out that tutorial I shared on my Friday Favorites a few weeks ago.

They also included a couple of samples of Sephora brand moisturizer and I think I’m going to go back and get it. I’ve been trying it for the past few days and I really like it, especially the night cream and the instant moisturizer. The night cream is less sticky than the one I’ve been using and I like the fact that the instant moisturizer doesn’t have SPF in it (because my foundation already does).

Since my sister and I rarely get out and get some new make-up items, it was awesome to do it, and the boys were golden. Lollipops, people. Buy stock in them.

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