Spicy popcorn cookies

So I have had a recipe from Joy the Baker for popcorn cookies in my back pocket for awhile. However, the recipe called for you to pop popcorn on the stove and that always stopped me from making them. Then B brought home this:

popcornSpicy air popped popcorn. Made by one of his co-workers. Delicious and spicy (it’s tossed with a mix of cayenne & chili powder I believe…you can make it yourself by adding a teaspoon at a time to about six cups of popcorn until it reaches the heat you like).

So, I had to try it. I made the recipe, with the help of J:
Little helperWho now runs to the bathroom to grab the step to help me bake and get a taste of brown sugar (the prize of any helper when we are baking). “IT so TASTY!” he declared.

I did tablespoonfuls of the mix on a silpat mat:

Popcorn cookies

And baked them off:

Popcorn cookies

And let them cool:

IMG_5648They turned out great! The baking and mix mellowed out the spicy flavor of the popcorn, so it was just like a little extra kick at the end. Definitely worth a try!

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