Soccer season 2

J plays soccerJ LOVES soccer. He pumps his fist in the air with a resounding “yes!!” when we tell him it’s a game day and we have no problem getting him ready and out the door to go to his practices and games. It’s amazing to see how just in a season he has improved! Here is some more from one of his first games…

This particular game he was playing against one of his BFFs:

J plays soccerThese two crack me up! They are both FULL of energy.

J looks so much older when playing! How did he get so big so fast??

J plays soccer J plays soccer

He patiently waited his turn between rounds of playing.

J plays soccerYou can’t tell from the picture, but it was unbelievably hot out at the game. Typically he is standing up ready to go in, but the kids were spending a lot more time sitting and drinking Gatorade between rounds of playing. I’m ready for it to actually be fall!

And he scored his first goal! He was so excited!

J plays soccerThat’s his happy dance. HA!

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