Sneaky Soy and the Troubled Ottoman

My title sounds like a crazy children’s book. Perhaps it should be! So I finally figured out why soy is in so many breads…

Because it MAY be in most all purpose and some self-rising flours. Unless you buy pure 100 percent whole wheat flour. Which I did. And we are counting down approximately 1 week and 2 days left of no soy. Oh and Haggan Daaz “Five” Ice Cream does not contain soy at the time I purchased it (check each package!)

So this weekend Super A decided he would roll off of our ottoman in front of the couch. He lays on the ottoman to watch TV. It is low and all leather and soft, so I never thought anything about it. Well he rolled off the ottoman, landed wrong and hurt his leg/foot/ankle. No swelling, no trouble walking, but he refused to go from sitting to standing on it (so he refused to put pressure on it). After a call to the pediatrician we ended up heading to the Pediatric ER to get an X-Ray. Thankfully there were no broken bones, but he still would not stand up on it. After some Motrin at the ER we headed back home and put him down for a nap with instructions to call the pediatrician on Monday if he was still having problems.

After waking up from his nap he was perfectly fine! No other signs or symptoms of any trouble and he hasn’t had a problem since. On Sunday he promptly ran head first into the ottoman and got a nice mark on his lip. All I could think was seriously!!?! I asked for the ottoman for my birthday last year because I thought it would be safer than our old clunky coffee table. I can tell we are headed straight for age 2 with a VERY energetic little boy.

He seems to have recovered nicely from all of his craziness! We have spent quite a few evenings outside since it is WAY too hot right now to be outside during the day if we are not at the pool. I love taking our little cupcake outside because he really does busy himself out there filling up his sand/water table.

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