Snacks + Tigers + Vintage

Those three terms are the start of how I began drawing inspiration for J’s third birthday party. I realized that J’s birthday was less than a month away and I knew if I wanted to get any sort of decorations going, I needed to get started. I started brainstorming about what J loves right now, and the ideas that entered my head were eating snacks, his imaginary tiger (yes we have an imaginary tiger…he lives in our closet and sometimes goes to school with J), playing hide and seek, and adventures of any kind. I also kept thinking of the image of my early birthdays where we had these little carnival decorations on our cakes (which I’m hoping my Mom kept, they are apparently worth a fortune now!). They looked similar to this:

carnivalAnd then I was doing some web searching and came upon an old Anthropologie catalog cover:

circus inspiration I loved its mix of all sorts of different circus related ideas: pennants, stars, hoops, blues, yellows, and reds, and also a bright sunny appeal even though being not overly “themey” if you will.

From there I started sorting and collecting ideas and created an inspiration board:

Circus Inspiration BoardFor those who know me well any sort of mention of circus in my realm is laughable (crowds + “trained” animals + clowns is not my cup of tea).  However, it really fits with J’s personality and likes at this age. As usual there are a few things I’m planning to make (such as the felt pom pom garland, and maybe a pennant banner) and many things I’m going to pull from around the house (like wooden crates from the attic, and the Eric Carle train cards). I’m planning to keep the menu very simple with white chocolate covered popcorn, fruit, and most likely chicken nuggets. Because J loves chicken nuggets.

I don’t like spending to much money on decorations we never use again, which is why I like purchasing a few things that will last after the party (like the ceramic farmers market basket and the mini bowls). For little favors for the boys I was smitten by foam animal masks and colorful lollipops. And for additional decor I’m planning to pick up a few circus themed items (like red & white fans and tablecloths) and scrapbook paper from Hobby Lobby.

I’m excited to share everything once its all pulled together!

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