Snack Time!

A has switched eating schedules. Actually, scratch that. I have switched A’s eating schedule. He is supposed to be working towards eliminating his nighttime bottle, so we needed a schedule that would start to move him in that direction. Plus, I am going back to work in about a week, so I needed to make A’s schedule more accommodating for AWGP (Afternoons with Granna and Papa). Our new schedule is breakfast at 7, lunch at 11, snack after his nap (between 2 and 3), dinner between 4:30 and 4:45, and then bed time bottle at 7 ish. He still gets bottles at breakfast lunch and dinner, so we are trying to move from four to three eventually and so on and so on. So now A and I have a snack in the afternoon. He sits in his high chair with his sippy cup and cheerios (occasionally he also gets diced pears and yogurt, but I won’t get into the details of our on going fruit situation, haha), and I sit next to him in our recliner with a pop tart and iced tea (yes I eat pop tarts for a snack and they are S’Mores. Not the good for you strawberry kind). We watch Tyler’s Ultimate, or a rerun of What I Like About You, and it is a few peaceful moments of quiet as he munches on his snack. Here is a picture of A at our snack time!

Snack time!
Snack time!

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