SixThis boy is six years old.

When I started this blog as a way to scrapbook our memories, he was a mere seven months old. And today he is six. He still likes to sing (and make beat box sounds to create his tune), he still loves to read (and is determined to learn “all the words”), and he still loves to talk (as a few notes from school can attest to).

He loves to draw, color, and write stories to go along with his images. He wants to be an artist and his plan of where he will travel and live changes every day. His plan includes me going with him, so I’m sure to do a lot of traveling when he is an adult if he keeps this plan. He absorbs knowledge and wants to learn everything about everything (and asks LOTS of questions on his quest).

His favorite activities are playing with his cousins, building with Legos, playing GI Joes and finding things to take home from our hikes. He loves pizza, lasagna, and will still eat pretty much any type of fruit. He also now loves baked potatoes, which is amazing considering I never thought I would say that about either of my boys.

He is both funny and serious, both joyful and dramatic. And even though each day he tells me what he is going to do when he is 10, 16, and 20, today he is 6, and today we will celebrate him being who he is today, our bright and shiny boy.

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