IMG_5056We had Spring here this weekend. The boys spent over four hours straight outside on Saturday and then we went for an hour and a half trail walk on Sunday. I told B that we officially qualify as “outdoorsy” now. HA!

While I took several pictures of our trail walk and the boys outside adventures, the one above is my favorite. Just two siblings sitting, eating a snack, and musing about the day. A told me that J is his “bestest friend”. I hope that they always feel that way!

I am still amazed at the amount of time they can spend outside, especially walking trails with us. J never seems to wear down…although on the car ride home yesterday his eyelids started to droop just a bit. Then he was wide awake, ready to go as soon as we got home. They have an incredible amount of endless energy. I think B and I were more tired than they were by the end of the weekend, but with another cold front coming we thought we better soak up the sun and warm weather while we can!

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