DIY Shoe Bench Cover


A has been helping me with my re-do of the laundry room, by holding items, helping me move smaller items, and talking my ear off while I work on things.

On a side note: doesn’t he look like B so much in this picture? It’s pretty uncanny.

Anyway, A was particularly proud of our new shoe bench, so I took a picture of him sitting on it, and found a way to get a pretty decent smile out of him (taking the picture from above).

This was a really simple little update to add a bit of intrigue to just a cheap white shoe bench.

All you need is:

Shoe bench (from Target…about 12 dollars)

Fabric (I used navy chevron duck cloth because I figured it would hold up better. I bought a yard, but I used only about half a yard). (Hobby Lobby on sale for 6 dollars!)

Tape measure

Staple gun (essential!!)

How I did it:

I just measured and folded the cloth to fit and then stapled along the back edge where it wouldn’t show, pulling it tight as I went.

Stapled back

I first stapled the underside of the cloth, and then stapled the top layer over it so it would pull tight and not shift too much. You could also glue it before you staple it, but I am too noncommittal for that sort of thing (what if I want to change it? What if the fabric gets messed up? This was my line of thinking).

And all done!

Shoe bench coverIt stores B’s tennis bag on one rack and everyday shoes underneath. I wanted a bench here so when the boys come in the door they have a place to go sit and take off their shoes easily. So simple and it will take less than fifteen minutes to put it all together!

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