Seventy tulips

Seventy TulipsAlthough it doesn’t look like much right now, beneath this garden are 70 tulips waiting for spring….

Two years ago A and I planted 35 tulips in our front garden bed. They grew, were gorgeous, and would have come back, but the winter was especially harsh. So, we had a few pop up and supplemented with other flowers this spring. Determined to make it work again for next Spring, A and I set out on Saturday to plant 70 tulips in the front bed. If you want to intrigue a little boy to help you with something, go BIG is my motto. “Seventy is A LOT!” A said excitedly.

Seventy TulipsAnd if you are wondering if tulips are my favorite flower, yes those and sunflowers. Which is why we plant them. Continuing on….

SO we started with our past method which was using that circular trowel to dig out sections of dirt and plant:

IMG_6535A was tasked with the job of pushing back the mulch so we could cover the tulips with dirt before putting the mulch back on top.

seventy tulipsAnd he placed the tulips in the ground in their little holes. However, we found that the ground was not only hard, but pretty rock filled (my husband and I would call that another special gift from our builder…at least we got most of the fast food wrappers out before they put down sod.). After doing a batch of eight I didn’t think I was going to make it and decided we needed a change of our game plan. I decided to trench the rest of the way around, which there is a tool for doing this. And yes, my Dad owns it, but I decided to use a shovel since I was already covered in dirt and didn’t want to get in the car to go get it. My Dad owns all the tools by the way. Try to quiz me some time. ALL OF THEM.

Continuing on…

seventy tulipsBy the time we got here, B and J were back with our three bags of new mulch (I should have gotten four…always get more mulch than you think you will need), and J helped us plant the remaining tulips:

seventy tulipsYou are supposed to go about 6-10 inches deep with the bulbs, however with our dirt I got to about 4-5 inches deep and that was the best I could do. Hopefully, they will grow. We’ll see in the spring!

Oh and for a bit of a throwback here is a picture from our original planting:

tulipsIf you are thinking “Hey didn’t I see J in that outfit the other day?” Yes, you did. Time flies, people.

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